Blakes Reach by Catherine Gaskin

Jane Howard becomes involved with smugglers on the English coast and a daring rescue mission in France during the French Revolution in a gripping story of passion, intrigue and family ties in the 17th century.

1790s, England Young maid Jane Howard fights for the social rank and wealth that are her birthright. Jane’s struggle takes her to Blake’s Reach, the manor house of her forefathers which stands on the windswept marshes of coastal Kent.

As she battles for her rightful legacy, Jane becomes embroiled in the risks and excitement of the local smugglers’ ring and a hazardous rescue plan in France. And with the notorious Paul Fletcher, she finds passion and peril can walk hand in hand.

A breathtaking saga of romance, family ties and the uncertain times in England and France at the end of the eighteenth century, from the undisputed Queen of Storytellers.

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