Fiona by Catherine Gaskin

1883. Scottish governess Fiona McIntyre travels to the West Indies to work for a family torn apart by wealth, passion and secrets. Before long she too is drawn into their complex lives.

Fiona arrives at the large sugar plantation owned by her distant relatives, the Maxwells. She soon senses the intense atmosphere at Landfall, the family’s impressive mansion. Learning who she can trust will not be easy. There is also unrest among the family’s slaves, who know that emancipation is coming.

Fiona has the chance for romance from two very different men. But when she falls in love, Fiona makes a dangerous rival.

As the emotions of the family and their restless slaves reach fever pitch, a deadly hurricane threatens everyone on the island. One thing is certain – the lives of Fiona and the Maxwell family will never been the same again.

“Compulsive reading … Miss Gaskin is a born storyteller.” The Sunday Mirror

A gripping story of passion, pride and the deadly secrets of a rich colonial family in Victorian times.

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