Port Arthur Historic Site

Visitors_in_Port_Arthur's_MuseumIf you enjoyed reading Sara Dane and would like to know more about convict life in Australia, we can recommend a visit to the Port Arthur Historic Site in Tasmania.

“To Grind Rogues into Honest Men …”

Such was the vision for the Port Arthur penal settlement – a bold experiment and groundbreaking attempt at reform and rehabilitation of the convicts of the colony of Van Diemen’s Land. Along with the Coal Mines – Tasmania’s first operational mine and a place of punishment for the ‘worst class’ of convicts – Port Arthur was a key part of the colonial system of convict discipline. Remote, harsh, with no chance of escape, these were the perfect destinations for hardened, repeat offenders … but Port Arthur was much more than just a prison.

As you explore the Site, the powerful, personal stories of convicts, soldiers, free people and their families will reveal themselves to you. Port Arthur’s tale is told in many ways. It will stay with you, long after you have left.

A minimum of half a day at the Port Arthur Historic Site is recommended. Staying a night or two in the area will give you time to experience our Ghost Tour, dine at Felons Bistro and explore the whole Tasman Peninsula, including the Coal Mines Historic Site. Check the website for suggested itineraries.

There are more than thirty historic buildings and ruins plus the beautiful gardens and grounds to explore at the Port Arthur Historic Site.

• Penitentiary
• Separate  Prison
• Convict  church
• Hospital
• Museum  Houses
• Dockyard
• Gardens and grounds
• Memorial Garden – This serene garden is dedicated to the victims of the 1996 Port Arthur tragedy


(Photo: PAHSMA – photographer Andrew Wilson, 2008)


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