Sara Dane by Catherine Gaskin

Sara Dane by Catherine GaskinSara Dane by Catherine Gaskin: new ebook edition

‘I know …’ she said. ‘But what else should I do? I was not made to sit over a piece of needlework all day.’

Sara Dane – the sweeping saga of one woman’s ambition and courage. A gripping page-turner – over 2 million copies sold worldwide.

Sara Dane is the story of an eighteenth-century young Englishwoman who is unjustly sentenced and transported to the penal colony of Australia.

The novel follows Sara’s struggle to raise herself from the status of a convict to a position of wealth and power. She faces many challenges, from the savage voyage aboard a convict ship to the corruption and prejudice rife in New South Wales. Life in the Colony is harsh, and Sara has to contend with natural disasters and convict outbreaks, as well as the snobbery of the high society she wishes to enter.

Sara’s life is also influenced in often surprising ways by the men who love her, childhood sweetheart Richard Barwell, ship’s officer-turned-landowner Andrew Maclay, Frenchman Louis de Bourget and the Irish political prisoner Jeremy Hogan.

Sara Dane is a sweeping historical novel full of adventure, romance, rivalries, tragedies and triumphs.

During her lifetime Catherine Gaskin’s books sold over 40 million copies worldwide, and she was known as “The Queen of Storytellers”. Sara Dane is arguably her best known work, an international bestseller, it was also made into a popular TV mini-series. This is the first digital edition of Sara Dane, published to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the novel’s debut.

Praise for Sara Dane:

“…a fine sweep of urgent vitality…” The Times

“A magnificent piece of evocative writing.” Glasgow Herald

“A grand story.” Yorkshire Evening Post

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