The #RomanceRelay

Catherine GaskinWe are excited to announce the first #RomanceRelay – 10 historical fiction and romance authors from the UK and Australia interviewing each other across two continents.

The #RomanceRelay celebrates great historical and romance writing in the tradition of Catherine Gaskin. Catherine spent her early years in Australia, and returned there for the last decade of her life. She also lived for many years in the UK, where she wrote her most successful novel, Sara Dane; so she had a special connection to both countries.

Our #RomanceRelay sees an author from Australia interview one from the UK. The UK interviewee then interviews the next author from Australia, and on it goes, until we come full circle and the final UK author interviews the Australian author who kicked off the whole relay! All of the authors involved are members of the Romantic Novelists’ Association or the Historical Novel Society, or the Romance Writers of Australia.

The #RomanceRelay

Anne Gracie interviews Christina Courtenay

Christina Courtenay interviews Alison Stuart

Alison Stuart interviews Sue Moorcroft

Sue Moorcroft interviews Eliza Redgold

Eliza Redgold interviews Charlotte Betts

Charlotte Betts interviews Michelle Diener

Michelle Diener interviews Rowan Coleman

Rowan Coleman interviews Elizabeth Rolls

Elizabeth Rolls interviews Kerry Fisher

Kerry Fisher interviews Anne Gracie


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